Your RV or camper is your home away from home. It allows you to explore and connect with the great outdoors while still enjoying the comforts of the civilized world. Yet this comfort doesn't come without a price. Whether its items moving during transit, a lack of space to store your things, or even dealing with a stinky bathroom, we have all the clever hacks you need to make the most of your RV or camper.

Towel Rod To Organize Bathroom Products

Keeping everything secure inside your RV is of the utmost importance, so to ensure that you don't arrive to your destination with shampoo all over the floor, simply install a towel rod above the counter to keep everything in its place.

Cook Food Perfectly

Those single burner ovens in RV's can cook things a little too well, and dinner can quickly become a burnt nightmare if you aren't paying close attention. Placing a baking stone on the bottom of the oven can help to distribute the heat better and help prevent char.

Use The Right Shaped Container

Don't waste precious pantry space with bulky, round containers. Instead, use one with a square shape to maximize storage and minimize clutter. Use labels to make everything easy to find when you need it.

Velcro On Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains are great to make a cozy sleep environment, but can definitely be too much during the day. Instead of dealing with switching out your curtains, use Velcro to quickly and easily hang your blackout curtains at night.

The Power Of Velcro

Velcro is just so great. Another genius use for this handy tool is to attach it to your remotes to keep them secure and easy to find.

Bubble Wrap Insulation

During the cold winter months, try this simple DIY method to insulate your windows. Simply mist windows with water and apply bubble wrap (bubble side on glass). That's it!

Dry Erase Board

It's always important to be prepared in case of an emergency. Having a small dry erase board in an easy-to-see spot with pertinent information can be a life saver (literally).

Mount Your Cords

To keep everything organized and easily accessible, mount all your electrical adapters, cords and hoses. This will help prevent cord tangling and the hassle of trying to find what you need.

Keep Flies At Bay

To help keep your RV fly-free, make a solution of 50% water and 50% Pine Sol. Wipe it on counters, tables and awnings to keep those pesky bugs away from you and your food.

Easily Hang Curtains

A cheap and super simply way to hang your curtains is by using Command hooks. Stick, hang, done.

Improve Your Wi-Fi

It's great if the park you're staying at offers free Wi-Fi, but usually your signal is shaky at best. Simple invest in a Wi-Fi Reception Booster (you can get one for less than $20) to get a better signal.

Quickly Update Your RV

If you've had your RV for awhile, chances are your floors aren't the most attractive. To quickly and easily update your look, use vinyl plank flooring! Just measure, cut, peel and stick. Couldn't be simpler.

Create Storage Around The Bed

Storage space is precious in an RV, so maximize your space by creating storage pockets around your bed. Simply cut up a hanging shoe organizer, and hook it around the base of the bed. It's a great spot to store your shoes (shocking!) or whatever your heart desires.

Stayed Organized In The Shower

We know that your RV shower is tight enough, so save space and keep everything organized (and secure) with the ever handy shoe organizer! Just be sure to choose a mesh kind to avoid mildew

Keep Items In Their Place

Keep items in drawers and shelves from creating a ruckus (and possibly a mess) by lining EVERYTHING with non-slip liners. It truly is a game-changer.

Light Your Way

Glow-in-the-dark tape is a super effective way to help prevent midnight tumbles or stubbed toes. Line your steps, baseboards, or wherever you want a little illumination.

Deter The Wasps

Wasps are NO FUN, and unfortunately they actually like the smell and taste of propane (gross). To help keep them at bay, simply place a flea collar at the source

Protect Your Noggin

We've all been there, enjoying our camping trip, relaxing under the awning, then getting up and "WHAP", that awning beam came out of nowhere. To prevent more headaches, simply slit open a pool noodle for a little cushioning.

Maximize Your Space

We all know hanging rope outside is a great way to dry wet items, but when you can't use the great outdoors, simply place a suspension rod in your shower to hang wet clothes. To really maximize your space, place items on hangers.

Make Your Bunks Comfier

Those tables and couches that turn into bunks are so handy to save space, but definitely aren't the comfiest thing to sleep on. Help add a little extra padding (AND insulation) by placing anti-fatigue mats on the bottom

Protect Those Precious Bottles

We know you can't live without your drinks, but those glass bottles can create quite a bit of ruckus clanging together over every bump in the road. For a quiet ride, use mesh sleeves to create a nice barrier.

Use Your Doors For Storage

Maximize your storage space by getting creative with the interior of doors. Use hooks and other items to keep everything organized and easy to find.

Keep Those Flashlights Handy

Flashlights are a MUST for every RV, but even more important is keeping them in a handy spot so you can get them when you need them. Broom holders work wonders to keep them mounted and within reach.

Add More Storage Space

With only a few places to store your food, cookware, and dining utensils, it is easy to quickly run out of storage space in the kitchen of your RV. Making your own hanging shelves can easily solve this problem (PLUS it has a paper towel holder).

Store Dishes Correctly

Investing in a cheap dish cradle will not only help keep them more secure during transit, but will also free up precious cabinet space.

Magnetic Spice Rack

Also, great for the home, making your own magnetic spice rack is an easy way to save space and easily access those seasonings in a pinch.

Defeat The Stink

Those black tanks are no joke when it comes to the odors they emit (even more so after a dinner of baked beans). Instead of investing in expensive cleaning chemicals, make your own with a simple solution of one cup dishwasher solution and one cup Calgon water softener.

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