From annoying coworkers to horrible bosses, a bad workplace can make life pretty tough. A lot of people wish they could get revenge on those that make their work day so bad. Some people do take matters into their own hand and get the revenge they want!

Here are all the best stories from Reddit about people who got revenge at work. Content has been edited for clarity.

What Goes Around, Comes Around
What Goes Around, Comes Around

So I ordered him a Dell Mini netbook. I told him the Mac Book Pro he wanted wasn't in the budget."

Revenge Years In The Making
Revenge Years In The Making

"When I was on my first trip to India, I was assaulted by a photographer. The guy was a jerk on many levels and constantly defended his actions against me by saying, 'Hey, I could've done worse'

On a non-assault level, he constantly uses people, including his distributors, lying and making up sob stories about his past.

Anyway, he knew I would be going to China where I would be visiting a VERY famous photographer, who he considers his idol and greatly admires and aspires to be like. All of a sudden, he changed his tune. He was flattering me and everything. Then he gave me a copy of his portfolio, begging me to give it to this photographer when I met him. I took the portfolio.

Fast forward a few years, the famous photographer and I are good friends. I met the jerk again. We start talking, and I'm pretending that everything is happy and wonderful. I mention that I met the famous photographer and his eyes light up. I talk about the famous photographer for a while, and the jerk is obviously getting jealous. Then I act as if I've suddenly remembered something.

'Oh! Remember how you gave me that portfolio to give to him?'

He said 'Yes?' so excited and expectant.

Then I said, 'I didn't give it to him.'

The jerk said, 'What?'

Me: 'I didn't give it to him. I did, however, warn him and all of his students and colleagues not to work with you as you are a liar who uses people and can't be trusted. Then we went out for drinks.'

Jerk: 'What?! Why did you do that?'

Me: 'Today's lesson is: if you're going to treat someone badly, I highly recommend not asking them for major favors later. The alternate lesson is, if you are going to treat someone badly, you might want to avoid trying to violate someone who works very closely with people who are the key to your future. Oh! there's my phone! Bye.'

He looked broken. It was beautiful."

HIs Car Was His Pride And Joy
HIs Car Was His Pride And Joy

"I worked in a fish factory most summers when I was in my teens. There was a boy who also worked there one summer who was a jerk and a bully. Me and another girl were his main targets, and this was really disgusting verbal bullying, about our gender and race (the other girl was of mixed race). He would yell his insults over the factory announcement system whenever he didn't have enough work to keep him busy. The foreman refused to get involved, so we took action.

One day, we finished work before he did, and spotted his car out in the parking lot. We looked at each other, went back into the building, got several rolls of toilet paper and a packet of menstrual pads and 'decorated' the car with them.

The car was seen by many of our co-workers, some of whom also witnessed the decorating and cheered us on. Once he got out, he just stood there, blushing and embarrassed and wondering who could have done this to him. He was very subdued at work after that and the bullying nearly stopped, I hope because what we did made him realize what it felt like to be at the victim's end of it.

The best thing about it was that everyone, including his brother, knew who had done it, and no one told him."

Rule-Breaking Boss
Rule-Breaking Boss

"So, I was working at a 7-Eleven for just shy of a year. The store was a franchise, so it was independently owned by a Lebanese guy who's IQ was probably somewhere in the 80s. He treated us all like dirt. The only person who made more than minimum wage was the useless clerk he was cheating on his wife with, who, for some reason, made $15 an hour.

This guy never did anything by the book. If he thought it would make him more money, then the law didn't apply to him. Nobody at the store ever got a lunch break. We were barely afforded smoke breaks. We weren't allowed to eat while on the clock. In California, when you work more than 5 hours without a lunch, you're supposed to get paid an extra hours worth of wages, which counts toward overtime. We didn't get that, either. On top of that, when he did payroll, he wouldn't actually go by when you clocked in and out, he went by the schedule he wrote. So if you stayed an extra hour or two to help out when it got busy, you'd be working for free, because the hours wouldn't show up. Also, your schedule was subject to change whenever he felt like it. There were several times he wrote me up for showing up late because he would change my shift without telling me.

So, here's where the trouble starts. We would take expired food off the shelves. But, we'd come in the next day, and he had printed new expiration dates, pasted them on top of the old ones, and put the food back on the shelves. The happened consistently the entire time I worked there. Well, one day, I'd had enough of his bull.

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