The Brilliant Idea #1


The Brilliant Idea #1

When the flight made it to cruising altitude, Alex waited the appropriate amount of time and then turns his music back on, but about 5 minutes into the flight, he feels an aggravated tapping on his shoulder. He of course knew it who it was, but he did not want to face whatever she was complaining about now. But eventually he reluctantly turned and looked at the woman.

She told him in an aggressive tone, “You need to turn that down, it is bad for the baby.”

Alex admitted he was listening to music louder than normal, but it still wasn’t to the point that an unborn baby would be able to hear it, let alone be able to understand it.

Shocked with how absurd the lady is being, he told her no he can't turn down the music. But, of course the lovely lady reaches for the flight attendant button, and that led Alex to say that he would turn the music down. He didn't want to have to deal with her incessant chatter anymore.

But he was sneaky and did a trick where he turned the volume down 2 times and then up once so that it looks like you turned it down 3 times. A little, secret revenge.

He asked if it was better but she was not satisfied and rudely demanded, "More!" Before he could put his earbuds in, she said to him, “It is proper etiquette to talk to people you're sitting next to.” Alex was at the point where he had to ignore her or else he would say something that he would regret later on.

At that moment, Alex just wanted to relax so he sits back and tries to fall asleep, and he ended up being able to for about an hour in the course of his 5 hour flight.

But he was woken up when this woman set her foot on his backpack, which had his laptop in it, so he adjusted his foot so that it would be uncomfortable for her to continue to keep her feet the way they were. She immediately stood up and Alex thought he had just woken up the beast and she was going to yell, given her ability to overreact. But it turned out she was just getting up to go to the bathroom.

And as she walked away, a brilliant idea popped in Alex's head.

Execution of the Brilliant Idea


Execution of the Brilliant Idea

The second the pregnant lady stepped into the bathroom, Alex gets ready to get up and move his stuff over to the window seat. As he grabbed his backpack and shifts his momentum over he felt a hand grab him. That is when he realized he forgot about the husband catching him and messing up his plan.

“You are not taking my wife’s seat,” the husband growled at Alex. He had a solid stare in his eye that told Alex that he meant business.

What Alex said next was so clever, the husband did not have a response.

He said, “Sir, I have to warn you that you are grabbing a minor and if I feel like it at any second, I could cry you that you are attacking me, or you have made disgusting advances on me.” This convinced the husband to let him go and he moved over to the seat he had before.

When the pregnant lady got back, she was furious, demanding that Alex move seats now to the point that the flight attendant came over to see what was going on.

And this time the flight attendant sides with Alex. When the pregnant woman asked her husband to make Alex move, he looked the man dead in the eyes, practically daring him to do something. The husband goes back to reading his book. And she sits in the middle seat, very angry.

Alex sat with a satisfied look on his face. But this petty revenge didn't hold a candle to the ultimate revenge he took against this couple who just wouldn't leave him in peace.