An Instagram influencer is under fire after sharing pictures of herself immediately after a motorcycle accident. But it's not bloody, shocking images that people are upset about. People are suspicious that the accident was staged to get more attention. Even worse, some believe it was staged to promote a product.

Tiffany Mitchell posted the pictures of her photo shoot with the motorcycle and the supposed crash immediately afterwards on her Instagram in late July. In her story, she claimed she misjudged a curve and turned too quickly. Her bike went into the grass while she hit the pavement. Mitchell said her friends called an ambulance, but since she was wearing a helmet, she managed to walk away with only come cuts and bruises.

Mitchell also mention how her crash was a deeply emotional experience for her since she lost her boyfriend to a motorcycle crash three years ago. She says this experience won't prevent her from riding her motorcycle in the future and that "Life is a gift and an adventure."

Shortly after Mitchell posted the pictures, people started questioning the legitimacy of the crash. The problems people had with her story and photos included:

  • A different helmet in the before and after pictures of her crash.
  • Her motorcycle not being as beat up as people expected it to be after the crash she described. Most notably, that her mirrors were not damaged.
  • Since she wasn't wearing any sort of protective jacket, the scratches on her arms and shoulders should be a lot worse.
  • A perfectly framed and in-focus bottle of Smart Water in one of the photos led people to believe this may be a sponsored post.
  • Why was her friend taking pictures of her after her crash instead of making sure she was okay?

After seeing a flood of backlash to her post, Mitchell decided to archive the pictures so that people could no longer view them. She did, however, make a permanent Instagram story about her response to the negative feedback. In the story, she clarifies all the points people were upset with. Mitchell says it was not a post sponsored by Smart Water, and that her friend just brought her the water while they were waiting for an ambulance. She also points out that she knows she should've been wearing a protective jacket, but she decided to not wear it since they were only doing a slow, short ride for the shoot and that it was really hot out that day. Mitchel then provided more detailed shots of her injuries and the damages done to her bike and helmet.

What do you guys think? Was this a dramatic lie to get attention or was it a real experience? If it was a real crash, should she have posted the pictures online?